Nusswerker Nutbutter Grinder

Power: 1,1 kW

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

Material: Stainless steel

Processing capacity: up to 60 kg/h

Grinding of whole nuts

Adjustment of fineness

Weight: 34 kg


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We are excited to present our new version of the Nusswerker nut butter grinder machine. The machine offers a modern solution for making freshly made, creamy nuts butters, chocolate creams spreads and sauces. This nut butter grinder has been designed so that whole nuts as well as even healthy seeds can be processed by it. As there is almost no limit on possibilities you will always have new ideas when trying out recipes using this technique! But what's most exciting about this product? It takes up next-to-no space in your kitchen; its incredibly powerful with great results every time; and lastly - cleaning after use couldn't be easier thanks to its sleek design which features components that easily detach from each other without tools or extra help required from anyone else

  • With its powerful engine, the Nusswerker machine can process whole roasted nuts and even roasted seeds (e.g., sunflower seeds, sesame) or pumpkin into fine and creamy nut butters or spreads.
  • Cleaning parts easily and an appealing appearance with their stainless steel surface.
  • The processing of up to 60 kg per hour is possible in continuous operation.
  • For customers, it is easy to use in single portions or batch production.
  • Large quantities can also be produced in advance and bottled.




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